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Welcome to Tumbling Tigerz Franchise!

Tumbling Tigerz is a Specialised Child development program that incorporates aspects from Boxing ,Pilates ,Gymnastics and ,Soccer for boys and girls age 3 - 9.

We do not teach them any of these sports individually but rather the functional movements and skills associated to these activities to get the children Strong ,fit and coordinated for any sport they persue in future.

There are major social benefits to the program such as manners ,teamwork ,communication ,conflict resolution ,behaviour ,listening skills .etc

The main goal of the Tumbling Tigerz program is not to turn your child into a physical superhero but rather to give your child an introduction to a wide range of movements and skills ,while building a healthy relationship with exercise and social group activities.

All of the Tumbling Tigerz programs are pre planned and age appropriate to give your child structured lessons that are challenging to their developmental level ,taught by qualified and enthusiastic instructors ,to ensure your child remains engaged in every lesson and has fun while performing valuable,physical group activities. All Tumbling Tigerz programs have been reviewed and endorsed by multiple physiotherapists and occupational therapists to ensure that the movements are safe and effective.

Tumbling Tigerz equipment is versatile and has been field tested over many years to give the instructors everything needed to perform fun and effective lessons ,the structure of the lessons can be varied to increase or decrease difficulty of a lesson to suit the competency of a group of children.

All Tumbling Tigerz coaches are required to have police clearance ,sexual offenders clearance and are required to pass the standardised Tumbling Tigerz coaches test every 3 months ,to ensure that the coaches are familiar with multiple aspects of child development ie. Crossing the midline ,bilateral integration ,sequencing ,colour identification etc. this test does not make the coaches an expert in this regard but it allows the coach to recognise when there may be an issue and can bring to the teachers or parents attention.

We also have multiple policies and procedures for our instructors to ensure that our operating methods are safe and consistent throughout Tumbling Tigerz.

Our admin system is customised and hugely beneficial to each of our franchises ,this system will allow you to invoice your customer and collect fees with accuracy and minimal frustration as possible. You will also be able to communicate accurate information to your instructors ,allowing your instructors to collect the correct children and make vital notes/comments on each lesson/child ,this will increase your ability to liaise with your customer.

All children will be registered by there parent/guardian on the Tumbling Tigerz website and these registrations will come through to the relevant franchise systems for invoicing ,all invoices are sent to customers via email ,all payments are made electronically. As a Tumbling Tigerz franchise you will avoid as much administrative duty to your schools or customers as possible.

When a child is registered successfully with Tumbling Tigerz ,each child will receive a Tumbling Tigerz registration pack (hat ,t-shirt and Waterbottle) Registration packs are to be handed out to the children as soon as possible ,this is a great way to get your brand out there and is vital that the registered children are excited to wear their kit for each lesson. (Medals are included in the Registration fee but will be handed out at the end of year prize giving)

Having staff that are well trained ,well equipped ,well branded and well incentivised will give you a strong team of individuals that share a crystal clear vision of the Tumbling Tigerz brand and what your business hopes to achieve for the future.

Tumbling Tigerz has developed comprehensive systems ,structure and support to provide you as a franchisee ,the best chance of running a successful Tumbling Tigerz business ,but the key to your franchises success relies on your consistent ,dedicated efforts towards your business and the use of the tools and training you have received.

To grow into a global brand recognised by all ,parents and children will associate Tumbling Tigerz with fun activities and practical life skills throughout their lives.

Our mission at Tumbling Tigerz is to be recognised as a household name globally that all families and children will associate with Enthusiastic and professional gross motor development for children between the ages of 3 - 9 years old.

Teaching practical life skills and social development to every child that attends our program ,using our qualified program that incorporates aspects from boxing ,pilates ,gymnastics and Soccer to give children a wide variety of movements and activities to ensure any physical endeavour your child may choose to participate in future will have your child physically and socially adapted to any sporting environment they encounter.

What we do


Midline corssing, scapular strength, co-ordination, fitness, confidence and more...
Tactile Sensory function, core strength, balance, spacial awareness and more...
Balance, forward roll, self regulation, all body strength, flexibility, proprioception and more...
Ball skills, team work, fitness, foot - eye co-ordination, agility and more...

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